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Model:600 Sport Yacht
Length:60 Feet
Beam:14 Feet 4 Inches
Draft:4 Feet
Cruising Speed:28 Knots
Top Speed:37 Knots
Home Dock:South Miami


This recently built (2007) Rodriguez masterpiece is as unique as it is sleek and powerful. A real head turner featuring state of the art electronics and European inspired design and finishes. A classic experience for the luxury sport yacht enthusiast.

The best looking yacht today, featuring 2 state rooms, 1 guest room and crewquaters that might be used as a 4th guest room. Beautiful parquest flooring all around that sets a nice elegant setting. High-tech mirrors that turns into T.V.’s. With her unique style, this beautiful modern boat will appeal to all who wants to cruise or hit top speed and get to know the city in style

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